Trip of a Lifetime: Day 3 – LA the American Way

Bit jetlagged but ready for the day!


Breakfast is the first order of the day, and Bae, only having visited America when he was a child, wanted the full American breakfast experience.  And that meant IHOP…say what you will about that place, it holds a nostalgic endearment for millions and this is the way to get a typical American breakfast (though it can be hit and miss depending on the branch)


Bae loves pancakes, so this was the perfect place to go (I will introduce him to Waffle House this Christmas and IHOP will be all forgotten).  I always go for the smokehouse breakfast – love those sausage links!


Errands to run with the impending newlyweds, my brother is furiously hammering luggage tags for the wedding dinner (or is it breakfast?) and his fiancé and I tend to more important tasks – namely getting our mani pedis.  Shout out to this place CocoNails in Silverlake.  My sister in law has been going there for years and we settle down for a lovely shellac mani pedi complete with the foot baths and massages.


View of the LA skyline from the car (where we spent the most time in LA total)


Industrial look


I love the urban artwork you find in LA


After a bit of pampering we meet up with my brother and Bae and head to a place called Destroyer.

Wow I didn’t realise Movember was  an official company!


Apparently a lot of movies are made in this pretty area


More Jacarandas!


Some interesting architecture and artwork in this area


A new vertical garden


My brother and fiancé had talked this place up, and I hadn’t looked at the menu yet (which is surprising for me) so didn’t really have any expectations. We arrive and it is very typical LA/California healthy hip eatery.  Only about 4 dish options per course and sine there are four of us and we are hungry, we decide to get a selection of foods.

Now I am all for being healthy but frankly, can never really find veggie food or healthy food that is super delicious, or at least delicious enough for me to stop eating the “bad” foods totally.  This place made me a convert for sure.

The innovative way the chefs played with different textures and temperature made for a very exciting lunch!  Pics and dish descriptions below.


A super refreshing watermelon spritzer (non-alcoholic)


Endive Salad


Chicken Confit: An amazing dish that played with different temperatures and textures – and almost vegan!


Look at that chicken loveliness!  I don’t know what’s what, but that’s the fun of it!


Roasted Cauliflower, poached egg, black garlic, chicken skin


Rice Porridge, caramelized broccoli, puffed rice, burnt onion

20170518_133648More cool urban artwork


Of course, we had to stop at the famous Rodeo drive.  To be honest it held no interest for me at all.  I don’t enjoy shopping, and certainly not at these prices, but the people watching was very interesting.

This is what I think of when I think of LA



A cool street with lots of street entertainers


We then decide to walk down Santa Monica pier and take in the sights.  Yes it is super touristy, but such a cool slice of Americana by the beach.  I mean, these places are touristy for a reason I say!



I had to indulge myself of a corn dog; especially when I found out Bae had never tried one.  His reaction was dissapointingly and unsurprisingly not quite as enthusiastic as mine, but he has never really been a fan of processed meat, esp. hot dogs!

This is literally my favourite food



Strolling down Santa Monica Pier


View of the beach from the pier


obligatory selfies lol


Playing around on the pier


As I was the only one to indulge, the rest of the group starting getting quite peckish.  We were taken to a cool Mexican place called Mercado, where we enjoyed some of the best guac I have had since I was in Mexico and it was hand made in front of me.

The tacos were really melt in the mouth. Plus they have an amazing drinks menu and tequila selection which we got stuck in to


Fresh made Guac


Lovely croquettas


Delicioso tacos – shrimp and chicken here


Tune in tomorrow!

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