Trip of a Lifetime: Day 6 – Kauai Beachtime!

Waking up in Kauai and walking out onto our lanai to see the sea and the sun was definitely something special.  

Had some amazing banana and macadamia nut pancakes (with coconut syrup) for breakfast – I will say that the only complaint was that they were too big to take down!

My sister and I had to do the obligatory walkthrough of the ceremony and then we all went to find a nice beach to chillax on for the afternoon- good times. 

 We drove to the west side of the island and found a remote beach (we were the only ones there) where the waves were nice and mellow and the sand soft and velvety between our toes. 

our British pasty bodies need to catchup to the beautiful background!


Taking it all in…


LPT – even if it doesn’t seem that hot and sunny, WEAR SUNSCREEN!  We regretted this over the coming days.

After the beach we headed to Ishihara Market to have some of their famous Poke.  This is just a local supermarket, but they have a fresh fish and seafood counter at the back of the store where you can find all manner of amazing poke.  We got three different types of poke with rice and seaweed salad all for under $10!


Also another LPT – if you have less than 20 minutes of sunlight left, don’t think you can “chase the sunset” around Kauai – the island is a lot bigger than you think! 


20170521_192053Having read numerous reviews for the best Hawaiian tacos on the island, we found this cute hole in the wall type place with limited seating but offering sustainably sourced, organic food in Kapaa. Our fish and steak asado tacos took half an hour to prepare and about four minutes to eat – my oh my were they delicious. This place also serves vegetarian tofu tacos for those in need!


Tune in Tomorrow!


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