Trip of a Lifetime: Day 11 – Kauai to Tokyo

Today we leave America and head to Asia and we hot the road early as Bae is keen to take the Mustang for a last fast ride before we have reluctantly give it back to Thrifty Car Rental. All in, it came in at about $200 for three days and it was worth it – the roads and scenery there deserve it…but more importantly, you deserve it 😉20170526_075149

Our flight to Honolulu is midmorning, so we decide to find a place to grab some breakfast before heading in. We were keen to try the famous Hawaiian Loco Moco – a Hawaiian speciality (basically rice, gravy, fried egg and a hamburger patty, topped with spring onions) – got the mini Loco and it was pretty good – very hearty.  Not something I could eat every day though!


Bae went for pancakes (he always goes for pancakes lol)


We arrived in Honolulu with about 3 hours to spare until our next flight to Tokyo (!)  I was a bit peckish (again!) so we got a quesadilla and ordered some bloody Marys to help wile away the time.


We had an 8 hour trip, we would leave Kauai at 13:15 on Friday and arrive in Tokyo 17:00 on Saturday thereby losing a whole day.  Weirdly though, since the time difference is so significant, the jetlag should be minimal!



Luckily the flight went well -also good to note, China Airlines economy has simple but tasty food! (for an airline).


Tune in Tomorrow!

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