Trip of a Lifetime: Day 15 – Tokyo to Bali (via KL)

After a 7.5 hour redeye flight to Kuala Lumpur, we stop for a 4 hour layover before we were due to catch our connection to Bali.

Worst plane trip so far – not because of the airline, (the pain I felt was entirely self-inflicted) but because Bae and I decided to make a proper night out of our final evening in Tokyo. As the pilot guided us in to the sky my earlier extravagances hot home and I puked my chivalrous Bae was horrified to discoved that the sick bags they leave in the backs of seats leak – things have not been the same between us since, but anyway…

The airport at KL doesn’t really have anywhere to lie down, but lots of comfy chairs and power points to wile away the time.

Mid-morning we boarded our flight to Denpasar. The flight only takes about 3.5 hours and as we approached Bali, we were immediately entranced by the view of this stunning island.

The closer we got, the more we realised that the runway is basically right by the water and until the last moment you feel as if you are landing right in the ocean!



The airport was full of shrines to the Hindu deities.


Denpasar Airport has undergone quite a lot of expansion in the past few years. The tourism has exploded since movies like “Eat, Pray, Love” came out and Bali is even building an airport at the north of the island in the next few years. This makes sense, as Denpasar is a good 90 mins form Ubud, and that’s just the centre of the island!


This is the first destination where we have really felt the tropical Asian heat. Luckily our driver, (Bae’s friend lives in Ubud and arranged for a driver to meet us at the airport) had waters on hand (as well as some clove cigarettes – a favourite of the Balinese I am told) upon our arrival.

We are met by Wayan (not the first time we would hear this name as it is extremely common in Indonesia) who drives us through the hot busy streets and fields our questions about anything of interest that we pass.

And there are so many interesting things to see!  One thing I am astounded by ifs the level and skill of handicraft that goes into sculptures, gates, temples…even lampposts!






Bali is famous for its wood craft and their love for detail and fantastical imagery shows through in almost every building we pass.


Finally, after about 80 minutes (ahead of schedule!) we arrive in Ubud and at Bae’s friend’s house who is off completing a workshop.

It is a three bedroom villa with a beautiful lush garden and a gorgeous swimming pool in the north of Ubud near the rice fields. We get settled in and immediately get changed into our swimsuits for a nice refreshing mid-afternoon dip.


This is Tripod, an adorable three legged dog member of our friend Cy’s home.


And here is Poofer, their chirpy cat who took a shine to Bae.20170531_071308

Delicious bananas! All the fruit on this island is full of flavour.20170531_074326

Poofer chilled out a bit after we fed her.20170531_075333-EFFECTSIMG_20170530_164854

Cheeky foot massage – thank you Universe!IMG_20170531_064801_032

Cy arrives early evening and takes us to a Mexican place which has some of the best ribs I have ever eaten, they have a massive BBQ right in front of the restaurant cooking and grilling all manner of meats. We have a great evening catching up and after sinking a couple of cold beers to stave off the heat, we decide on an early night to get the most of tomorrow.

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