Trip of a Lifetime: Day 16 – Pampered in Ubud, Bali

Morning in Bali! Our second Paradise of the trip!  We are woken by roosters pretty early in the morning – not much difference from Kauai so far lol.




After a meat heavy dinner last night, we are greeted with a lovely array of fresh tropical fruit for breakfast, including some of the pinkest Dragonfruit I have ever seen! Bae’s friend told us that when you go toilet, it will be bright pink and it sure was!  He also pointed out it’s a great way to track your metabolism – I deduced that mine is pretty high.



Fascinating book I found lying around about – Anodea Judith has likely forgotten more than I will ever even get to learn about the chakra system.20170531_08453420170531_09055020170531_090635

Our first task of the day over, we eagerly await our taxi to Jaens Spa Ubud which Bae had strategically scheduled to pick us up off the floor following our big night out which in Tokyo which had taken its toll!


Offerings to the gods, like in the photo below can be found in the street, hanging on statues, in peoples homes everywhere you care to look and are usually accompanied by burning incense.


Bae had booked us both 4 hours’ worth of treatments at this leading establishment in a city full of spas and wellness centres.




Right from the start we are headed some lovely lemongrass and honey tea and asked to pick out our massage oils, scrub ingredients, drink and lunch – this is the type of decision making I love!


We started with a flower foot bath and scrub with our choice of scrubs.


The package consisted of a 90 minute massage, 60 minute scrub, 15 minute flower bath, before which you are slathered in yoghurt, then a 45 minute facial, tea and snack break,


then they wash and deep condition your hair


Testament to the skill of our masseuses, Bae fell in to a deep sleep during the 90 minute massage and woke himself with a few loud snores, much to his and our amusement.


finish off with a hand and arm massage and another shoulder and head massage – ABSOLUTE  BLISS!


The four hour session ended with a tasty fresh juice (our choice of course) and a traditional Indonesian meal – I went for Nasi Goreng.


You’d think that after this much pampering I would be ready to do anything, when in fact, I was so relaxed, I was ready for a nap! We decided to push on (I know! Hard life!) and continue our day.

We stayed with Bae’s friend last night, but have a lovely hotel called the Tjampuhan Hotel and Spa booked for the remainder of our stay in Ubud so headed there to check in.


This traditional hotel is just amazing, it is literally carved into the side of the cliff and features some of the most intricate and beautiful carvings – made to look like a Balinese temple.





It is one of the nicest hotels in Ubud so the service is impeccable.


We are greeted with a watermelon, lime and lemongrass alcoholic drink and some ice cold towels to freshen up with.


With not long to wait, We are shown to our room, which has a massive bed!


Our large open balcony from which you can see all the way down through the rainforest to the water and the sounds of water is so peaceful.


Bae’s friend had arranged for a scooter rental for us (seriously do it – too hot to walk and it cost £2-3 a day – plus EVERYONE mopeds here!

First we decided to walk to town, then after about 200 m, we decide the heat was too much and peel back to the hotel to get the moped – that didn’t take long!



OMG walking vs moped is no contest, there is no way else to get wind in your hair. We stop wherever it looks interesting (one of the cool things about having a small vehicle and wander into marketplaces and random templates all afternoon, occasionally stopping for some coconut water or ice cream.

That said, it does feel like law of the jungle on these roads and I am glad for Bae’s experience riding a big motorcycle back home in Blighty.



A beautiful temple we passed.  Bringing a sarong is a must if you want to visit holy sites



The carvings are supposedly scary to ward off bad spirits


The dedication that must have gone into the carvings!


Some interesting Bali fauna20170531_165613

The amount of temples on one street in Bali is like Starbucks on Oxford St



I wish I could carry stuff like this!


We decide to try and go to the Sacred Monkey forest, but unfortunately get there after 17:30 when the park is shutting up. 


There are still several monkeys hanging around outside, and when I pull out a plastic bag containing my camera, they start to swarm thinking its food.


Bit of a scare as they do like baring their teeth at you but they quickly lose interest when they see you have no food.


We head back and get an early night (look at us being all sensible!)

Tune in tomorrow!




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