Trip of a Lifetime: Day 18 – Monkey Business in Ubud

Today was our last day in Ubud, a city we already felt very connected to. We started with a lovely buffet breakfast at the Tjampuhan Hotel and Spa, a hotel we would be sad to leave for its unique look and the fantastic attitude of its staff.

They have a great variety of western and Indonesian breakfast foods with selections changing daily – plus a lovely balcony view of the grounds and rushing stream below to enjoy while you get down to business.


We really ate a lot this morning and thus decided to take a stroll around the hotel grounds. Despite encountering uncomfortably vertical steps in all directions, the uniqueness of this unique setting kept us moving.


You can go swimming in the river below!  The whole hotel and most rooms overlook this lush view.


We had been to the spa two nights in a row but was hard to get nice picttures in the dark.  The spa is the main reason why we stayed here as it is carved like the inside of a Balinese Temple – so cool!




We decided to take it easy, going around the town and then stopping at the Monkey Forest.  This was top of my list in terms of places to visit.


I’m glad we gave it another go. We got there around 10am and it was already getting pretty busy. 


There were a lot of intersting and quirky stone scuptures dotted around the forest.





The big tree (with modesty cloth of course – these are commonly wrapped around revered objects in Bali) which is at the centre of the Forest (and a good meeting place)


So I should mention that the ticket costs about £8 per person and from there we were told to observe the rules and head on in.  Right from the start there are monkeys everywhere, we made the mistake of buying a bunch of bananas and NOT hiding them straightaway – monkeys clocked us and started harassing us until we could hide them and give them out one at a time.  Some of them are pretty big and when they bare their teeth, all you want them to do is keep their distance so you give them the banana – LPT don’t try to take the banana back – they will get shirty – plus staff will tell you to let it go




Some videos of the monkeys playing around the main temple area (this area is covered and the monkeys like to hang out there)

One of their favourite things to do is groom eachother




A sweet mummy and her baby

It was a hot day so we saw a lot of lazing around by the monkeys.

Having a snack – they can be relentless so hide your food!


monkey watching other monkeys



I could watch these guys forever!  We spent about 4 hours here total exploring the park and the various walks around the area on offer



Bae making friends


We walked along a small river that led us to a lovely green corner where we chilled out, watched some monkeys and took it all in.

20170602_12233120170602_12244120170602_12264820170602_12281720170602_12292620170602_123026As we were walking around the conservation area we came across the Rehabilitation enclosure, and a lovely little fella called Nelson.  You can see Nelson and read his story below20170602_120527

Quiet and pensive but aware of his surroundings, we spent a little while with him before continuing on our way


After a lovely day at the Monkey Forest we drove around Ubud on our scooter for a bit more sightseeing


For dinner our Bali based friend took us to a really good Vegetarian restaurant in Ubud.  There is a huge expat community here, a lot of them soul-searchers and new age folks, so healthy eating and living is  a way of life here.  Never have I seen such a concentration of raw food and vegan restaurant in one small area.

I am not really a fan of such food usually – I love meat in many forms – especially bacon!

The starter of mozarella dn tomato with tapenade was deliciously fresh


However, I was blown away by this “I can’t believe it’s not Bolognese”  While the pasta had gluten (I have no issue with gluten, love gluten) the “meat sauce” was made with pasta and fresh herbs and tomatoes.  It was one of the best bologneses – meat included that I have ever had (although nothing will beat my dad’s spag bol – literally the best ever!)


Tune in tomorrow!


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