Trip of a Lifetime: Day 19 – Ubud to Uluwatu

Today we leave Ubud and set off for the South Coast and is our last day at the lovely Tjampuhan hotel and Spa


Beautifully carved sculptures are a recurring feature in the hotel


The drive itself is very pleasant


It takes about an hour to drive there.


Our accommodation is right in the middle of nowhere. That being said, it’s a pretty sweet place to stay.  It’s basically a villa with our own private pool, garden and Jacuzzi.


We go for a quick dip before heading for the beach. The nearest beach to us is Padang Padang beach, a popular beach with surfers and tourists alike.


By the time we get there the sun is just starting to set, so we get some swimming and Frisbee in before watching the beautiful sunset descend below the waves.


Busy beach but very nice!


I snap some pictures of the horizon and it is just breath-taking!


Enjoying our sunset time after a quick dip in the ocean


This beach is very pretty – when the tide goes out some parts of the beach are inaccessible


For dinner we want to eat some nice seafood.


It takes a while before we find a good spot, but end up at a swanky resort and enjoy the chef’s tasting menu, which consisted of some lovely fresh seafoo

Greens with crab and edamame


Every course we had was a surprise from the chef, using the freshest local ingredients and a heavy emphasis on fish

A nice whitefish with a lobster cream sauce


Gorgeous plump prawns with cauliflower salad and puree


Having a great time!


An innovative panna cotta dessert that played with different temperatures and textures.


We eat by the sea (although it’s dark so you can’t see much) and head back for some rest (but not before we chase a frog and a massive spider out of our room lol


Tune in Tomorrow!


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