Trip of a Lifetime: Day 20 – Uluwatu

Our last full day in Bali! 20170604_100602

It’s a pretty lazy day all around, with a lot of sleeping in, dips in the pool and snacking by said pool.


Breakfast is served!


Finally we get up off our arses and decided to head to Uluwatu temple.  This is one of only a couple of water temples in this area, but this one is by far the most magnificent.


LPT get a sarong as you can visit the temples as you will need to be modest when entering holy places.


The temple complex is pretty spread out, with a lot of walkways along the cliffs with absolutely breathtaking views



We walk around and jump over an old stone wall out of curiosity and come across an agriculture garden/café/agro farm being built called Malini AgroFarm


We find someone to give us a tour and we learn about the recent movement to move away from GM crops and focus on organic, healthy locally grown vegetables.


The passion here is evident in the people who work the land for future generations.


An incredible natural structure where the cafe and educational information will be located


Everything here is sustainable with no carbon footprint.


We were shown a multitude of vegetables fruit and herbs they were growing.


It is a great experience and we try some amazing fresh juice before we head back to the temple area.  (Spicy and delicious!)


One thing to note that it might be better to come by when it’s not as busy.  It almost ruined the serenity of the temple as it was literally overrun by tourists.


After we had had our fill, we decide to find a place to have a drink and eat something. Sy was told about this amazing restaurant that has the best sunset so we head there.


The table we sat at (we didn’t end up eating there) faced right on the edge of the cliff and you had the most spectacular 180 degree view of the cast.


This, I thought, was a perfect time to sprinkle more of my dad, who lived in Indonesia and frequented Bali a lot when he was younger out form the cliff and into the sea.



Our friend said a lovely Buddhist prayer for my dad about the beauty of the circle of life, and I felt calm as I spread more of dad’s ashes along a cost of a land he spoke so fondly of.


You can’t help but feel connected to nature and the world up here.


You could see birds and bats flying around as the sun set – I love nature!


After the sun set and much contemplation by each of us – separately and together, we started to get peckish and decided to drive around following our nose.


Our noses settled on …pizza lol. It really was delicious as well!






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