Trip of a Lifetime: Day 22 – Bangkok

Woke up pretty early and set off via taxi to get to the Temples, which was our main destination for the day. River taxi is the way to go and we were dropped off right by the pier. 


The river is pretty dirty but doesn’t smell.


We got an individual boat for us to get to where the temples were a bit north up the river. 


Lots of cool buildings traditional, to colonial to modern all dotted the riverside


Once we landed we found a place to eat a quick nice Thai breakfast then headed into see Wat Pho, where the Golden Reclining Buddha is located. 


Chicken Pad Thai


Spicy Garlic and Basil Chicken


Wat Pho is part of an extensive complex of temples and palaces in the grounds of the Grand Palace. 



After you enter through the turnstiles after you have bought your ticket, there is a small room with a few shrines that you pass through – here you will see a few locals doing their prayers


A scale model of the temple complex – there is a lot to see!


We started by paying alms and banging a huge gong before heading to the main attraction


This thing is HUUUUGE! I mean, you can’t even fit the head in a picture. 



 It is a wonderful site to see, not least because even amidst the throngs of tourists in each temple there was a respect and calm you saw a lot in places like this. 


Huge feet!  The whole thing spans for many metres


 We wandered into one temple where there was a priest giving out blessings.  He beckoned for us to come over and as we knelt in front of him, he sprinkled some water (holy I assume?) on us and tied a white piece of string around our wrists (right for Bae, left for me)


Lots of these guys all over the place obvs


After feeling reasonably spiritually cleansed, we walked around until we got to he souvenir shop.


The former late King – sorely missed by all Thais, who revere their King to almost godlike status


Bae spotted a man making bracelets and asked him to fix the string on his bracelet.  In the meanwhile, I saw a fortune teller, and being into that kind of thing, I suggested we try it.

The old man was 88 and had milky cataracts that just added to his clairvoyant image. He took our birthday and did some birth chart interpretations and then read our palms.  We have similar fortunes, which I found pleasing, and while some of the information could totally be passed off as generic, there were some things he said that rang true for me.  He was very detailed, going through 2-3 year periods of our lives and how we should avoid certain things or do certain things.  I take this stuff with a pinch of salt, but as I go to them quite a lot, I like to compare the things they tell me, and there have definitely been some recurring themes in my fortune.



We strolled around the grounds of the Grand Palace – never seen so many golden Buddhas in one place!


We then took the river taxi back over to Wat Arun, another smaller temple complex



After the temple we cooled down with an iced coffee then took the river taxi to the BTS line.


We were heading to the MBK centre – a shopping haven in Bangkok and recommended to us by a Thai friend.


This place is bigger than a big shopping centre, and is stuffed full of stalls selling everything you could ask for – I was on the hunt for designer replica bags. We spent about 4 hours in there and I got some amazing deals – haggling is not really tolerated much here unlike in other street markets, although we got offered discounts.  I hate haggling anyway so this was great.

IK don’t have any pictures because they really don’t like you taking picutres of their stuff there!

They do have an amazing food court (more like floor) here, but when I spied a branch of KyoChon, I knew we had to eat there. I really don’t know why they don’t have a branch in the UK, it would do so well here, would blow every other chicken shop here out of the water.

A busy day today and we collapsed on our hotel bed for a good nights rest!

Tune in Tomorrow!


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