Trip of a Lifetime: Day 24 – Amsterdam

Waking up to a grey day is not something we have been used to the past few weeks! Still we want to make the most of the days we have here. 


We have both been to Amsterdam a few times, but never as a couple – it is quite a romantic city!  Lots of places to steal a quick kiss on a pretty bridge, overlooking the cool canals.  We wake up really hungry and after a short stroll through the flower market (and a quick stop in a café – when in Dam…) We find a little place called Gartine – a very fitting name as they make all their jams in their back garden, as well as their butter and herbs for all their meals – it was delicious, healthy and perfectly portioned.   A lovely little neighbourhood gem.



Even though I have been to Amsterdam a few times, I have never been to the Vondelpark. What a lovely park.  It is the epitome of all that I love about European city parks.  Landscaped but still natural, beautiful ponds and paths and people all around smiling and enjoying the lovely weather and good vibes.



We walk and sit for a while, taking in the natural beauty and then head into Der Vier Pilaren. We are sat right by the kitchen so can see them making the pancakes.

Usually they come drenched in butter and icing sugar, although I am quite partial to them just plain.

After elevenses, we start walking back up to the centre, along some amazing canal paths, watch some old men play chess on a giant chessboard for a while, take a stroll through the red light district (which comes up as a bit of a surprise), got invited to a sex show (at 1pm!), politely declined, bought some terrible Holland souvenirs like clog slippers and loads of cheese, bae gets THISCLOSE to getting an amazing leather jacket that I still think about lol, and generally just take the city in



Another food we just had to try was Poffertjies. These are mini Dutch pancakes that are best eaten fresh.  I find a place near the Vondelpark called Der Vier Pilaren that is supposed to be very good.




Watch out for the trams! They really do sneak up on you!


Locks of love…a common sight now on European bridges



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