Trip of a Lifetime: Day 25 – All good things have to come to an end

Wow what a whirlwind this trip has been! I’m sad that it’s our last day and we want to make the most of it, but unfortunately I am feeling under the weather. So after Bae kindly goes and gets breakfast in bed for me in the pouring rain (I know! he’s definitely a keeper!) we wait for the rain to stop (that would definitely make it more tolerable) and say a quick goodbye to our Airbnb hosts before setting off to Centraal station so we can unburden ourselves of our luggage and explore the city some more.  Our flight is not until 9pm, so we have lots of time to relax before getting to the airport.

We finally get back to the flat around 10:30pm, feeling satisfied, exhausted, relieved to be home and sad that it’s over. Well…until the next time!

Total cost for flights for this entire trip was £1200 per person – not bad for 9 flights!  Watch this blog for a later article detailing how I did it!

Keep Tuned in for our future adventures and other travel hacks, tips and scoring the best deals so you can encircle the world without breaking the bank or quitting your job!


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