TRAVEL: Weekend in Dorset and the Jurassic Coast, UK


After an epic holiday earlier this year, we were starting to get some itchy feet as our next holiday was not until Christmas time.


Since work dictates holiday days taken (not all of us are digital nomads or have quit the rat race…yet) We have only weekends to get away.

Bae and I live in London and we knew that we didn’t want to have more than a 3 hours journey from home (especially for just a short 2 day trip). So we focused in on domestic options of which there are plenty to choose from.

I have never been to Dorset myself, frequenting the Devon coast more as a child, but Bae had very fond and lovely memories of his childhood summers spent on the Jurassic coast, with beautiful green rolling hills, thatched roof cottages and pastures that make the English countryside such a dreamy escape when the weather is good.


I, of course, plan anything and everything, so the research started for a suitable abode. Withe rise of Airbnb and other similar hosting sites, finding holiday accomodation has never been so easy.

We love to stay in the middle of nowhere, must have a wood burning stove, off grid is ok providing there is a hot shower and running toilet (we are not going to camp, we are going to RELAX).  There is something so satisfying about getting out of your comfort zone (for s defined period of time!) and away from all the basic amenities we normally take for granted.

Luckily, the English Countryside has so many cool little places to choose from if you want all the above.

I found an amazing little place called Baba Yaga’s Boudoir – I cannot recommend this place enough.


We drove by Stonehenge and got a good view this time!

We wanted to be close enough to the coast that it wasn’t a long drive, but for September on the South Coast of England, its going to be windy, so something right on the coast would be too cold.

As we drove through the tiny villages and finally came across the farm we had to turn into, the sun started valiantly shining through (although we wouldn’t see it thing again until our last day!)


we parked up and walked through a big paddock on to the plot of land where we would be staying



the paddock housed a lovely black horse called Temptress who came up to us and was so friendly.


As we approached the deck we could see a lovely small lake and a lovely view of the countryside that provided a fantastic view from our boudoir



Happy to be here!



Enjoying the view while the stove gets going


Right in the middle of the English countryside


The inside of our cabin was so cool!  All natural materials. with a ladder going up to the lovely plush bed that had a sky light so you could stargaze from bed!

Before we got there, we stopped by a farm shop in Chideock for some supplies, then got the fires going to start cooking.

20170909_181521This is a very handy thing for camping – a hollowed out log with charcoal and wood.  It slows burns for a good 6 hours



The view from inside the cabin towards the paddock (you can see Temptress in the background!)

We toasted some marshmallows while we gazed at the stars.



Getting some light reading in before bed


Sunday morning and our fishing trip had unfortunately been rained out. (got a call the night before)



After a little breakfast cooked on the trivet



Breakfast in front of the fire – lovely start to the day!

Products from the farm – fresh bread, butter, bacon and eggs


Look at the colour of that yolk!  can’t beat farm food

After a lovely filling farm breakfast, we decided to make the most of the weather that seemed borderline ok

Lyme Regis was the nearest place to us and I found two places that offered fishing trips.   Prices were so much lower than I was expecting, just £10 an hour for mackerel fishing or £30-40 for a 3 hours deep sea fishing trip.

However, since we were rained out, we decided to drive to Char mouth and walk along the famed Jurassic coast



The net was only a £1!


Not having much luck though!


I am reminded of the Napali coastline when I look at the shoreline here.  It has that same prehistoric feel to it.  I mean there were dinosaurs living in Kauai and here in Dorset once upon a time!





BONUS FIND:  Apparently there is a place where you can camp out, or have dinner on the face of a cliff!  Yes that’s right!

Here is the link for those interested CLIFF CAMPING  I’ve added it to my UK bucketlist though i am not sure if dinner is ample or if staying overnight would be better. (It’s quite expensive but probably because it is so unique!)

If any of you have ever done this let me know how you found it in the comments section!

Since we didn’t book the cliff camping, we saw a big hill and climbed that instead – it was pretty challenging with the recent rain turning it into a big mudslide! This is a photo of Bae imploring the weather to settle down – such a confident man!


Nevertheless we made it to the top!


Me being the (much) more unfit one, I was ecstatic that I made it!

20170910_113636It is colder and windier than it looks


The rocks around here were made of a weird clay type material – we saw a lot of people with hammers cracking open these rocks in the hope to find some Jurassic fossils

Disappointed with the current weather situation, we cut our long walk a bit short and head back along the beach towards Lyme Regis, and took in the quaintness of this lovely seaside town.


There is a great formal restaurant called Hix that does a mean cocktail – at the top of the hill.


We spied a fish shop, and thought hey, since we couldn’t go out fishing ourselves lets pick up some fresh fish and cook it on the BBQ at our cabin. We got some mackerel and a few big prawns and headed back.


Instead of going back on ourselves, we were encouraged by a local to walk up the stairs through the gardens which made for a blustery but beautiful walk back



A lovely view of the coastline – with typical English weather!


Since there were so many blackberries I actually picked some and made a pretty nice (tangy) coulis for the mackerel

Literally everything that evening we cooked over our outdoor trivet fire

DCIM100GOPROGOPR0669.JPGSunset and time for a romantic walk


Monday Morning and still full from the night before, we do a little light yoga on the deck before going on a long walk around the cabin and grounds.


If you have never been to Dorset or the South Coast, I recommend a trip down there!  So much to see!  We went for a relaxing, unplugged type holiday, but you can do family, romantic, adventurous, relaxing, foodie – whatever break you like!

Explore the countryside!


Let us know what you think in the comments section!


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