About Us

Hello!  Thanks for reading, we hope you will stay tuned to your blog and follow us on our travels.

We both are born and raised (mostly) in London and work in the City.  We have done a lot of world travelling throughout our lives, but want to rediscover old places and explore new ones.

We met a couple of years ago (on Tinder!) and soon discovered that our passion for travel, exploring new things (and discovering new ways of relaxation) and delicious food ignited a love for each other that has been growing ever since.

But enough with the mushy stuff.  We decided to start this blog because of a trip.  Well I say trip but I like to refer to it as the Trip of a lifetime. (it’s official, my travel spreadsheet is named this)

We didn’t plan on such a trip at first.  My little brother is getting married in Kauai (the happy couple live in LA so Hawaii is not that far).  As we will be flying from the UK all the way to Los Angeles first for a few days to stay with my brother, then flying on to Kauai, we thought that since we have already gone halfway around the world, why not try to get back home by continuing the journey back through the timezones?

So the research started.  I would like to thank Skyscanner for basically saving us hundreds of ££ on our trip – something I go into more detail in my post on booking flights.

We hope to post every day, and improve our blog posting technique along the way, so stay tuned and please leave any comments!  Also if you have any questions about any of the places we have visited, feel free to comment or send a message, we will reply to everyone!